Broadway Corridor

We have had the pleasure of working with Boulevard Development Group since 2009. Over the last 13 years, we’ve helped them envision and transform Broadway Street into a vibrant, mixed-use corridor that welcomes you into downtown Asheville. The projects focus on high-quality architecture, inviting pedestrian spaces and links to the Reed Creek Greenway.  The scale and design of the sites blend well into the adjacent historic neighborhood as well.

Pioneer Building

The Pioneer Building was the first part of a three-phase planned development situated at the head of Asheville’s Broadway Street Neighborhood Corridor District and the Reed Creek Greenway. The project anchors a prominent downtown gateway and is composed of office, retail, and residential components with a courtyard for gathering and outdoor dining.

Broadway Townhomes

Infill housing Griffin Award- 2022 recipient – 20 townhome development that included a major stream restoration of Reed Creek. SWS coordinated riparian plantings during restoration efforts and provided landscape and streetscape design.

Broadway and Elizabeth

The project is currently being designed and permitted – A mixed use development with three buildings, comprising of 39 residential units and 3000 sf of office/ commercial space.  SWS played key roles in site planning and landscape design, entitlement coordination, neighborhood coordination, and historic resources review.

Mixed Use / Multi Family

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