Earth to Sky Park

Completed in 2021, the Earth to Sky Park is an environmental education park located in Burnsville, NC.  The park includes the Bare Observatory, home to the largest optical telescope in North Carolina. Sitework Studios collaborated with Mayland Community College to develop an interconnected and functional master plan for the site. Our vision fosters accessible circulation, improved parking, a reinvigorated gathering space and telescope areas, and a lively native landscape. 

In tandem with this successful venture, Sitework Studios has since cooperated with Mayland Community College to cultivate another outdoor learning space at the lower campus. Our master planning process unfolded with an intricate and vibrant pollinator meadow showcasing path networks, outdoor terraces, and nested classroom spaces.  Construction of the project began in 2021.

Mayland Community College (client)
Earth to Sky Park
Landscape Contractors: Pinnacle Landscape Contractors, Gardens for Living


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