Reeb Ranch

The Reeb Ranch Master Plan is a detailed document that advises the long-term development of this 145-acre site located in Henderson County.

Historically, Reeb Ranch operated as a dairy farm.  It then came under the ownership of Oscar Blues Brewery, and was used primarily for camping and passive recreation.

The property was most recently purchased by our Client who had a broad vision for the site.  Filled with incredible waterfalls, farmland, streams and overall scenery, the Client was committed to a sensitive, sustainable design approach. 

To begin the Master Planning process, Sitework Studios conducted an intensive study of the site’s existing conditions.  In addition to thoroughly analyzing the site on foot, the team employed topographic data, mountain bikes, and drone photography.  Following careful review with the client, we collectively solidified the overall program for the site and proceeded with detailed designs, which included a Site Inventory/Analysis Plan, Conceptual Design, Master Plan, and Vision Book.

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