The Learning Community School

Sitework Studios is currently working with the Learning Community School (TLC) to create a 10-year comprehensive plan for growth and expansion of their Bee Tree campus. The plan synthesizes the school’s desire for robust program expansion and enrollment growth with the campus’s significant site constraints. To increase enrollment, TLC intends to merge high school grades with those of existing elementary and middle school. Program expansion objectives include adding a sports field, creating a dedicated art facility, designing an outdoor learning space, and incorporating food production. There is also a need for improved vehicular circulation and additional parking. However, the site is significantly inhibited by steep slopes, poor soil, easements, and existing ponds. Overall, the master plan seeks to balance these opportunities and constraints while aligning with the school’s sustainability values, environmental and community stewardship, and close interaction with nature. The master plan contains innovative design solutions, such as the potential removal and repurpose of unstable fill soil to transform one of the existing ponds into a sports field. 

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